Friday, January 21, 2011

Lost action figures have arrived! A Special Message from The Island of Lost Megos

What is this all about? Check out this 3 minute video:

I have posted detailed reviews of all 4 of the remaining Wave 1 figures, as well as the upcoming (hopefully) Wave 2, scroll down or use the side links for each character.

Clearly, I am a huge supporter of this line and have been eager to share my enthusiasm for these figures, but I am trying to remain objective and frank about any flaws I see. I'm not affiliated with BifBangPow (though I am an EE affiliate and will get some store credit if you use the links on my site to buy and pre-order figures, thank you very much). I've met (pestered) the people involved in making them, they've been very gracious and helpful and they welcome criticism and feedback.

I have been a serious Mego fan for most of my life and have a great appreciation for a well made Mego-style figure. I think many Mego fans will respect them as worthy additions to the Mego revival and I think a lot of Lost fans need to have these in their collections. I know they are not for everyone, but if you are at all attracted to them you owe it to yourself to give them a try.

I am so thankful that BifBangPow stuck with this line. I've been worried about these figures for a long time...they've been delayed by quality problems in China, they came many months after the show went off the air and took the Lost hype away with it, one of the prototypes broke on national TV. People have been very critical of the figures and questioned whether they'd ever be any good.

BBP took the time to get it right and came through with some well-made figures that I'm proud to own. There are dozens of things I'd change about them if I could, but I'm very glad they are here.

Now that they are here I am determined to spread the word and encourage Lost fans to support this line. They deserve our support. If sales are strong enough for Wave 1 then Wave 2 will come out in June, and based on these latest figures I have faith those will be even better.

But if not, Wave 2 might very well be canceled and our last chance for Lost action figures will disappear, probably forever.

With that in mind I put together this promo video for the figures. Please check it out and share it with your Lostie friends. Help spread the word about these figures and let's keep them going!


  1. Thanks for the great video!

    I REALLY hope the next wave doesn´t get cancelled because I have been longing to get Sawyer and Juliet since they were first announced at the beginning next to the Jack and Kate pack.

    I want Sawyer and Juliet so badly I hope sales are good enough for those to happen. I´d get Jack as well, most probably and might end up getting Locke and Hurley as well, but my main interested for now is in Sawyer and Juliet, and I know there are lots of "Suliet" fans waiting for them as well.
    BBP just need to update the pics at EE with the improved version of those characters (and Jack) because I´m sure they will be even better (I thought the ones already released would suck because they looked so poor on the website, but I really like them on your pics so I´m sure the next ones will rock as well :)

    Come on! We need more LOST, I can´t let go...just yet :(

  2. Thanks, Roswell. I can't stress enough that the Wave 2 pictures are prototypes and the final version will be better, but people know what they see. I too wish they'd improve the pics on the website. I saw the prototypes in person and they were really gorgeous. The pics don't do them justice.