Monday, January 10, 2011

Kitbash #3, 4, and 5: John Locke

I'm a Locke guy, all the way. He made a lot of mistakes and there was some disappointment in the character's story and the way he ended up, but he's still one of my favorite characters in fiction. I've been eager to expand on the BifBangPow! figure as soon as I can get my hands on it.

These Locke kitbashes take a little bit more work than Ben Linus, but it's still not bad. The toughest part is the knife case, I will save that project for another day in it's own post. After that, it's the white button down short sleeved shirt that takes a bit of work. Here's my recipe for "Walkabout" Locke.

1 Playing Mantis WWII Ranger Vest: I thought I was going to cry when I found this thing. It's so perfect for Locke's Walkabout hunting vest. I plan to add a knife and compass to it. of course.

2-3 ClassicTvToys "Richie" shirts. $2.00 each. Why 2-3 shirts? Because this shirt comes sleeveless and you'll have to add sleeves using the same fabric.

I made mine with one extra shirt, cutting the back panel in half to make two strips of cloth, one is pre-hemmed, the other I had to hem myself. Then I sewed them into tubes and attached to the shirt. I'm a bit of a hack, but I managed pretty well.

If enough people ask I can just get a bunch made by a professional. Email me if you'd like to be on the list to have one made.

This shirt isn't a perfect match for the Walkabout costume, but getting any kind of decent pattern in this scale is pretty hard. These stripes are in the same general color scheme and weight, and I think it's just about as good as can be.

1 pair CTVT Tan Khaki Pants: CTVT sells a pair of khakis that have beltloops-this was my first choice but they were too tight to fit on the EMCE?BifBangPow body. This pair of pants is less detailed, but does the trick. $2.00.

1 CTVT white sleeveless shirt: $2.00. CTVT also sells a white t-shirt, but you'd want to get rid of the sleeves. For mine I actually cut up a white super hero jumpsuit I had lying around. It's got a very thin seam on the neckline, but that's a little pricier option.

Brown Shoes: The shoes on mine are standard Mego brown dress shoes. CTVT sells them as does Dr. Mego.

Socks are optional. You can't get those shoes on over socks very easily, but I wanted to be able to have him posed without shoes, like he just stood up after the crash. I took a black superhero female bodysuit from Dr. Mego and cut the feet off to make socks ($7.00, those are expensive socks). CTVT does make white socks for $2.00, you could dye them if you like.

The Wheelchair is a Jakks Pacific WWE wrestling accessory (see previous post). You can find them all the time on eBay in wrestling parts lots. CTVT's wrestling Super STore doesn't carry them yet, but they tell me they are working on it!

Lastly, the Corpse of Jeremy Bentham: The pictures above are photoshop comps using the BBP official picture, so we;ll have to see how this works in real life, but my plan is to remove the paint on Locke's eyes and paint them to look closed. Then put him in a Doc Mego black business suit and start working on a coffin.

Don't tell me what I can't do!

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