Monday, September 22, 2014

Oceanic Flight 815 Playset

Today is the tenth anniversary of what remains, despite everything that has been said since the finale, my favorite TV show of all time. 

After 4 years I finally have finished my Flight 815 playset. If you followed the original blog posts you know I took a 1973 Barbie Friendship, one of the all-time greatest vinyl carrying case playsets and wrapped it in custom printed vinyl graphics. The big hang-up was seating, which I recently overcame when I picked up spare seats form 1990s Barbie planes. Overall I really love it. My only quibble is the overhead compartments are too high, which I might fix, but I like the extra headroom for placing figures. 

I think this is it for Lost Mego projects. I have loved sharing the work with my Lostie friends and I am glad to share my office with my Lost Mego displays. Namaste, brothers!