Monday, January 24, 2011

Getting the word out....

Well, it's been kind of an exciting week here on the Island. Now that the figures are available I started publicizing the blog and video, trying to get the word out and connect with like minded Losties.

We had one review thread for Wave1 and a discussion of the Wave2 photos at the MegoMuseum.

DarkUFO posted my submission. I've visited there many times in search of Lost news, it was a thrill to make some there.

The reception hasn't been uniformly positive, the folks at the Lostpedia forums are not fans of these figures. Like I say, they aren't for everyone.

We added 30 new people to the Island of Lost Megos Facebook page, that was really cool! And I even started using my Twitter (megoscott) account, which was all new to me but I connected with a few really cool Losties including one who had already placed her order at CTVT to start doing customs. She even bought a Peg Bundy, I never thought people would really do that. So cool.

Meanwhile, MrNerdyReviews are up: I get a kick out of this guy's reviews. He's super psyched about Ben and Kate Austen is winning him over.

Have your own review? Let me know, I'd love to hear/see/read it!

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