Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My Costume for Comic-Con

Well, actually, I'm not really a cosplay type of guy, but here's an outfit I will be taking with me!

 Comic Con is almost 3 weeks away now. I'm going to be meeting up with a group of Losties, including a few of my Lost Mego buddies.  Some of us have been preparing ahead of time to redress the new Wave 2 figure's we'll be picking up at Entertainment Earth's booth (Wahoo!) I wanted to have an island outfit for Jack Shephard most of all. So I commissioned this amazing set of jeans and t-shirt from Mego Seamstress Jessica. 

Now, I feel like I have gone a bit crazy with Jessica's clothes. But really, it's just been the Hurley's so far, and those were a must have. Certainly, there are a number of jeans and t-shirts available from CTVT (see photo below) and other sources that are perfectly acceptable for redressing Jack and Sawyer when the time comes. CTVT makes a white t-shirt that can be easily dyed to whatever color you like. 

But the detail on these jeans is amazing, and the fit is so much better and more lifelike. Look at the way they gather around the ankles! The pockets really work. I gave her some promo photos of Jack that look almost exactly like the finished product. I can't wait to get them on the star of the show! 

Friday, June 24, 2011

Man In Black

With the excitement of San Diego Comic-Con 2011 coming up in just a few weeks it's a good time to revisit one of last year's SDCC Exclusives, the Man in Black.  There were a few things I wanted to change about Jacob's dark brother. Primarily, I wanted him to be darker!  Both figures had a funky jaundiced skin tone, and for MIB as played by the well tanned Titus Welliver this needed to be tweaked.

Another issue for me was wanting to put MIB in removable sandals. Mego's Friar Tuck came with sandals and they've been extensively reproduced, I think CTVT, Dr Mego and Castaway all carry them. I didn't like the sandals molded to the figure's foot and painted. It's a logical enough choice for a toy manufacturer, but it's not Mego enough for me. Problem is, if I take his head and put him on a spare Dr. Mego body the difference in skin tones will be remarkable. So, off to the tanning salon with him.

When I tanned John Locke I tried it first with MIB. He got too dark. I touched up the contrast on his paint, and that helped, but then I dunked him in some RIT color remover and he lightened up enough to match the body nicely. 

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Run Kate! Run like a Cheetah!

Yay! Got to do some customizing this weekend. I've been wanting to take a crack at fixing Kate from Lost for awhile. Long story short: She's hot....

The BifBangPow Kate was not my favorite. I've always thought the sculpt was there but the paint job was weird with mint green eyes, brown pupils and the regrettable freckles, and the hair was quite roughly modeled in comparison to the hair on the other Lost females. 


Okay, so this custom project is a decidedly mixed bag, but it was so interesting to try it and I'm glad to add her to my band of Lost castaways. 

The character is Rose Nadler, a survivor of Oceanic flight 815. She's a beloved figure in the story, a wise lady who was healed of her cancer when she came to the Island and who ended up spending the rest of her life there with her husband Bernard.