Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Review: BifBangPow! John Locke (The Beach)

John Locke comes in a 2-pack with Hurley, and is in stock now atEntertainment Earth.

John Locke (The Beach) comes on a card featuring posterized art of survivors on the beach with some plane wreckage in the foreground. He's dressed in a brown t-shirt with a velcro closure in the back. The shirt comes tucked in, but is fairly long and can be untucked easily. His tan cargo pants are really good, with pocket flaps, but no actual outer pockets. It has belt loops and the belt is thin leather-textured vinyl with a removable knife scabbard sewn from the same material.

The knife is the same knife BBP made for the Brock Sampson figure for Venture Brothers. It seems like the original prototype pictures showed a different knife, one that was more detailed, but this is an acceptable knife to me. I will offer suggestions for other knives on the market if you are so inclined. The shoes appear to be grey versions of the standard Mego dress shoe as reproduced by EMCE toys, the toy maker contracted with BBP to make these figures.

The head turned out so great. The prototype was attacked because it looked too large (as is standard practice because the heads shrink when cast in vinyl). No one wants a pumpkin headed Locke. This is in perfect proportion. I think it's a remarkable head sculpt. It's simplified in detail as befits a figure of this scale and style, yet it retains a lot of the spirit of the character. From certain angles it really communicates the warmth and personality of John Locke. My only quibble is the decision to go without the eye scar.

I think this will the real crowd pleaser, he's a favorite character for a lot of people and the figure is worthy of John Locke.

I've been looking forward to making several variations of this figure as I detailed in another post. It's not a figure that needs to be redressed, but it's neat to see it in other outfits as seen below. Megos are versatile and fun, and it's awesome they are making them for Lost.

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