Monday, August 1, 2011

Lost Home At Last! Wave 2 shipping NOW!

I've been so busy with other projects I haven't had a chance to report on my trip to San Diego Comic-Con. It was a blast, and it was a fitting way to wrap up the adventure of Wave 2 of Lost. I was in fact the very first person in line at the Entertainment Earth booth on Wednesday's Preview Night and the first buyer of Wave 2 of Lost. If that wasn't exciting enough I got to attend a party of hard-core Lost fans, including the 2 biggest supporters of Lost Megos, Bonnie "andalone" Craft and Rob Perrin.  I had been crunching to complete my Swan Station playset and was able to set it up at the condo where the party was held and show it off to some of the most enthusiastic Lost fans in the world. The reception was overwhelming. I will be doing a detailed guided tour through the playset in another post later and will do a final review of the figures themselves as well. Oh! And I handed Damon Lindelof a flyer for The Mego Museum and Lost Megos, I asked him if he was a Mego kid but alas he was not. 

Long story short--the figures look really good, they are more successful than the first Wave as I predicted they would be. In the meantime here are some pictures. 

Wave 2 is now shipping from Entertainment Earth! So if you didn't pre-order get an order in now, because they are limited to 1,000 pieces. Jack and Sayid, Miles and Claire, Sawyer and Juliet