Thursday, September 15, 2011

Down the Hatch: The Swan Station is finally finished!

12/5/11 UPDATE: Thanks to Badassdigest for getting the ball rolling on spreading this link around, io9 and ThinkGeek have likewise picked it up. It's been tremendous fun to have so many Lost fans take a look at my playset.

9/15/11: After a year and a half of design and redesign, illustrating over 16 square feet worth of artwork, extensively customizing Dida Displays parts and creating/sourcing numerous props I'm officially unveiling my custom-built Lost Mego Swan Station Playset. When packed up as a  carrying case it weighs 20 pounds, and when unfolded and assembled it measures 45x30 and 20 inches tall at the top of the backdrop.

I unveiled this at the Barracks party at San Diego Comic Con two months ago, but needed to put the finishing touches on it and properly document it to give you a true sense of what it's like. You can find a huge gallery of photographs with notes at Dida Displays and you can check out this video tour of it right here.

Can you have one? Mayyybe. Check the DidaDisplays website for more information. 

Full Gallery of Swan Station photos at