Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Next Wave of Lost Bobbleheads are coming!

The guys at BifBangPow just sent me these photos of their newest Lost bobbleheads! This next series is available for pre-order now (links below) and will be shipping in July. First series bobbleheads are still available at Entertainment Earth if you haven't added them to your Lost collection yet.

There will be an exclusive San Diego Comic-Con 2011 bobblehead to be revealed later. Who can it be??

No doubt these are essential characters to round out the BBP Lost bobblehead collection. Sawyer holds his famous note and a handgun, he's looking to settle a score. "Pilot" Jack is presented with Vincent on the beach with 815 wreckage.

Pre-order now at Entertainment Earth: Lost Jack Shephard Bobblehead
Pre-order now at Entertainment Earth: Lost Sawyer Bobblehead

Up next: Desmond at last! We are still hoping and praying for a Desmond action figure, but at least we have his bobblehead poised to push the button on your desk for all eternity. Lastly, what a great surprise to see Dr. Leslie Arzt carefully carefully CAREFULLY handling some Black Rock dynamite.

Pre-order now at Entertainment Earth: Lost Desmond Hume Bobblehead
Pre-order now at Entertainment Earth: Lost Dr. Leslie Arzt Bobblehead


  1. Oh great... first megos Sawyer and Juliet and now bobblehead Sawyer and Jack.
    My God Entertainment Earth... DROP the international shipping cost so I can pre-order them all! I want them so badly!

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