Friday, January 21, 2011

Claire Littleton

Claire Littleton comes in a 2 pack with Miles. They are available for pre-order now and are scheduled to ship in July 2011. Please consider placing a pre-order for these figures as a show of support for this line. Your credit card will not be charged until the figures actually ship.

Update 3/15/11: BBP graciously allowed me to photograph their Wave 2 samples in my home before they were sent to the factory before production. I was glad to see Claire in person, earlier photographs did not do the sculpt justice. I'm confident that once this head is cast in vinyl at the right size this will be a nice Claire figure.

With her stuffed pregnant belly and overlarge prototype head she's received a lot of negative comments in the early going. I think in the end she'll be fine and I think a Crazy Claire custom will be easy and fun. It would've been weird to include a little baby Aaron, I suppose, but that will be a fairly easy accessory to locate elsewhere.

The stuffed maternity shirt is removable, by the way, leaving her in a nicely built black dress. The lavender Converse style shoes are a really nice touch.

Pardon the headless Claire...

These shoes will ultimatly be removable, these are for prototype purposes only.

Below: The original prototype photo paired with Miles as seen on the EE website.


  1. I'm curious as to Claire body construction. Is it just the costume that's stuffed? I definitely want to make post-pregnancy version & batshit crazy Claire with squirrel baby. I already scored a Mego scale baby!

  2. Yes, I should clarify that. She's got a pillow belly on a standard Mego gal body. I believe the black dress is for a regular body, the removeable tank top is pregnant. So she's adjustable, so to speak.