Friday, January 21, 2011

Jack Shephard

Jack Shephard will come in a 2 pack with Sayid. They are available for pre-order now and are scheduled to ship in July 2011. Please consider placing a pre-order for these figures as a show of support for this line. Your credit card will not be charged until the figures actually ship.

Update: 3/15/11: BBP graciously allowed me to photograph their Wave 2 samples in my home before they were sent to the factory for production.

I spent a lot of time with Jack, he's an important character and I think they did a very good job on his head. We know there are many faces of Jack, but I think this one captures his befuddled confidence quite well.

Jack will come dressed in black business suit with removable black shoes. The suit is the same pattern BBP is using for some of it's Twilight Zone figures, and it looks to be a well tailored Mego suit. BBP has done a good job with fabric and costume quality.

ALSO: Jack will come with the swivel-biceps body Sayid has, which will fill out that suit jacket nicely and make sleeveless shirts and custom tattoos much cooler!

Packaging Update: Jack's card art lists him as Oceanic 6. He's therefore wearing the suit he wore on the Ajira flight (hence the grey shirt) and not the iconic "Pilot" suit with the white dress shirt.

Note the little faux buttons on the shirt and the great tie. This is one of the best Mego suits ever made, hands down. The shirt is a thing of beauty.

The original head sculpt was met with jeers by many when it was first revealed. On January 20 Entertainment Earth put up a photograph of a factory sample. Both are pictured below.


  1. The sample sculpt is definitely an improvement from the prototype, though still a little off. Jack seems to have one of those faces that is hard to capture. McFarlane & Medicom aren't quite right either.

  2. Agreed, it's a tough likeness. I think the new head has a lot going on in the eyes.

  3. The eye/brow area is very Jack-like. I think he needs more neck showing. I don't remember that hairdo on Jack- is that the post-beard version?

    The stubble isn't quite working for me. Did any of the classic Megos have stubble? I inadvertently added stubble to my original classic Spock figure when I drew the Mirror Spock goatee on him with a marker, and attempted to wash it off. He forever had a faint blue goatee stain.