Friday, January 21, 2011

James "Sawyer" Ford (AKA LaFleur)

Sawyer comes in a 2 pack with Juliet. They are available for pre-order now and are scheduled to ship in July 2011. Please consider placing a pre-order for these figures as a show of support for this line. Your credit card will not be charged until the figures actually ship.

Update 3/15/11: BBP graciously allowed me to photograph their Wave 2 samples in person at my home. Sawyer's gun was not included in the package but will be in the final product.

Sawyer comes in a fantastic Dharma jumpsuit with LaFleur Head of Security printed (not stickers) on the pocket under the DI logo. He is wearing brown shoes and looks to have a green t-shirt under the jumpsuit. The detailing on the jumpsuit is superb.

The head sculpt is hit or miss as a likeness, overall I think it get the character across. I'm glad they didn't go for the glowering angry look on Sawyer.

Sawyer will come on the new swivel-biceps body which is better for posing with guns and will fill out the jumpsuit better!

Below: The prototype shown with the factory sample.


  1. Agreed that the rifle will be missed. I'm happy about the head sculpt, though. The prototype was a bit too Axel Rose for my liking. Though 'Welcome to the Jungle' is apropos, I suppose. And Axel is an anagram for Alex. And Rose is ... Rose. Hmmm.

  2. Yeah, too bad about the rifle as that´s what he uses mostly in the Dharma times, but as long as we can get Sawyer and Juliet, I´m okay with that.

    I´m still not so sure about the headsculpt, might be the angle of the pic though, but it doesn´t scream "Sawyer" to me just yet (I didn´t like the previous one very much, but I even think I can see Sawyer better on the previous headsculpt. But again, might be the angle the pic has been taken from).

  3. By the way, I´d love to pre-order the figures from EE to show my support but their shipping cost to my country (Spain) is killer (so usually I get the figs from ebay or other stores with cheaper shipping costs). Wish they could find a way to get it down a bit :(

  4. Well, these new pics really shut me up. I wasn't that big a fan of the facial sculpt for Sawyer at first. But seeing these pictures really proved me wrong. I am REALLY digging the head!