Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Review: BifBangPow! Benjamin Linus (The Others)

Ben Linus is sold in a 2-pack with Kate Austin and is in stock now atEntertainment Earth.

Ben comes on a card under the theme of The Others. The art feature silhouetted Others on an Island ridge. Ben comes dressed in his Others disguise from the Season 2 finale (never really got a good explanation about the disguises, but whatever...) So I have the same complaints about costume choice as I do with Hurley, but that said, it's a cool costume. The fabric choice is perfect, the rips and holes and details perfectly illustrate the grimy pajamas he wore. He is barefoot.

The head is awesome. I'm not sure it's a perfect Michael Emmerson likeness, but it's close enough for Mego and has a lot of character in the sculpt. Particular detail was paid to the eyes and this is one character where the Mego stare that some people find creepy really comes in handy!

Of all the custom projects on the Island of Lost Megos, Ben in civilian clothes is the easiest as I outlined in an earlier post. Thank goodness for Al Bundy, eh?

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