Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Save Wave 2, plus a Bonus? SDCC Exclusive a possibility?

UPDATE: Responding to a thread the the Mego Museum BifBangPow leaves open the possibility of doing one last San Diego Comic Con Exclusive pair if there is enough interest!

Can we Save Wave 2 and go for the bonus? Can this be done?

1. Twitter with the hashtag #SaveLostMegos and encourage your #Lost connections to pre-order Wave 2.

2. Post a comment here and/or direct a Tweet @bifbangpow with your votes for the final two Lost figures you'd most want to see.


  1. Ready to assist. I want a Desmond/Charlie SDCC exclusive more than I can say.

  2. I thought long and hard about it. As much as i would want a Charlie, we already got one with the McFarlane figures. I'm going to have to go with Desmond and Faraday.

  3. There's so many to choose from, but my heart says Claire needs Charlie and we all need Desmond.

  4. As long as Desmond is involved, I'll be happy! Now I think Desmond/Daniel Faraday would be a much better combo.

  5. Desmond/Charlie! Either that or Sun/Jin. I can't believe they haven't made them yet and they're so integeral to the story, but I've never understood how they choose who to make first.

    Hey Scott - any way we can get some requests to BBP for what this year's SDCC bobblehead will be? ;)

  6. Desmond and Faraday!!

    And I´d vote for Juliet for the SDCC bobblehead, seeing as Kate already got released in her Mego form and Sawyer and Jack will be released as bobbleheads... If wave 2 of megos finally doesn´t make it, I think it´s just fair that Juliet gets a bobblehead!

    (Plus I wouldn´t understand why Artz gets a bobblehead and Juliet doesn´t)

  7. As much as I would love to have Charlie and Desmond, I think I'd rather go with Jin and Sun. They're the only characters yet to be made who were there from the beginning and made it into the last season.