Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Nice Pants, Mr. Reyes!

We've had a lot of success with off-the-rack clothes for the Lost gang, but Hurley is a special problem. His robe and pajamas cry out to be replaced, but there's not much on the way of big and tall for Megos, even if he was on a standard Mego fat body. So I contacted my friend Jessica, a Mego seamstress extraordinaire who happens to also live nearby. She makes amazing Planet of the Apes customs as well as some really nice jeans I will want to get if we ever get Jack and Sawyer. I described what I was envisioning and she really delivered. If you'd like to get a set for your own Hugo email me at She's asking $30 for the pants and shirt combo.

I wanted to keep the stuffed shirt BifBangPow shipped Hugo in. The concept is quite sound and Jess and I were both impressed at the pillow's design which is built to give shape to the chest area. The problem is that the shirt is too short. Hugo's 3xl shirts hang way past his waist. I felt if we made some roomy cargo pants that fit around the stuffed belly it would improve the profile of the figure and make him less like a big meatball on sticks. Then a long shirt over the whole thing will tie it all together.

There are many outfits to choose from, this one is loosely based on his Season 6 look. I'd like to get a green or red t-shirt, and we have to do the "I Heart My Shih-Tzu" shirt. Now, a lot of the time Hugo wore very long shorts on the Island. We might explore that, but baggy shorts with the skinny guy legs sticking out are probably not going to look any good so I went with cargo pants. They fit in perfectly with Locke and Kate's, the quality of Jessica's sewing is totally pro.

Here's a view of the incredible construction Jessica did. Real pockets! Of course, Hugo never tucked his shirts in, I'm not sure if he wore his pants over or under his belly, but again, we disguise with the other shirt. Our next project is to try a buttoned collar shirt, I think the collar will help his neck/hair look better.


  1. Just fantastic! I already emailed you to put in an order with Jessica for a Hurley outfit. :D

  2. Wow! Those are super. Gotta put a card for Jessica in the Rolodex!