Wednesday, February 16, 2011

LOST on the top shelf at the BifBangPow Toy Fair Display

Toy Fair has come and gone! Here's a great video tour of the BifBangPow toy fair display starting with a good close up look at Lost Wave 2. So nice to see new angles on these figures. The look so damned good, I can't believe this line won't get made! We are 2 weeks away from the first of March deadline, I have no idea how well pre-orders are going. I know things have slowed down on the affiliate links here at the Island of Lost Megos. Hopefully there will be a bump in interest coming from Toy Fair. BBP's Dr. Who line has been warmly received as has the extension of Venture Brothers and Twilight Zone.

In the meantime, I got my Polar Bear yesterday and it's really awesome! You can grab one cheap at Gummy Lumps, or email me, I bought an extra.

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  1. Just noticed something... are the Jacob and MiB figures in the video the original prototypes? I would think not since the wave 1 figures aren't, but they look much better than the production figures we ended up with, but I guess that could be the lighting or something.