Saturday, February 26, 2011

POLL: Who do you want to see at SDCC for Wave 3?

Well, here we are after March 1st awaiting word from BifBangPow to find out if Wave 2 will actually get produced. BBP tells me they can't say anything one way or the other right now. I hope it's a No News is Good News scenario. We shall see. I've been tracking the Entertainment Earth Top 50 Coming Soon and Wave 2 of Lost has been trending upward, placing at #9, 11, and 13 today. Not bad...

Please place a Pre-order for Sawyer/Juliet, Jack/Sayid, and Miles/Claire as a show of support for continuing this great line of Lost Action figures!

In the meantime, let's dream BIG. We know that BBP's license for Lost is running out in July, but they left open the possibility of doing at least 2 more figures as exclusives at San Diego Comic Con 2011.

Let's pretend those are the first 2 of a six character Third Wave...who would you like the see BifBangPow make? I'll make sure BBP gets the results.

Please share this poll with your Lostie friends. It'd be nice to send a strong signal that the fans are out there wanting more....and of course, make sure they're placing a pre-order for Wave2!

Update 3/15/11: The Poll is closed. You may view results here. Please note that on the results page Faraday is mistakenly listed as Eloise Hawking. All of her results count as Faraday, don't worry.

Desmond and Charlie won in a landslide, but alas, it was all just for fun. BBP was unable to produce any additional Lost figures.


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  2. Argh. Thanks. What a goof. Ok, I'm limited in how I can edit the poll. I replaced Eloise with Faraday, it'll still show up as Eloise in the results, but I'll consider that Faraday.

  3. No Alex :( She´d deserve to be there more than Keamy! poor girl ;)
    Okay, I voted Desmond, Faraday and Richard and would have voted Alex.

    Hope we can get some good news re wave 2!

  4. Desmond has appeared thru out 5 seasons, and has 6 centrics. Yet he is consistently screwed in the action figure dept. Please rectify this situation.
    I would like my Desmond Dolly bearded with long hair and wearing his blue shirt of hotness.

  5. Where's Penny? You have Widmore but no Penny? I voted for Desmond but must have Penny. I'd like him in his SWAN jumpsuit (with white T and boxers underneath ;) ), maybe with the blue shirt as an extra ...