Friday, February 11, 2011

Drive, man! We've only got 3 weeks to Save Lost Megos!

Thought I'd show off my custom Dharma Jeep today, mainly to give you something new to get excited about so you'll GO PRE-ORDER Lost figures from BifBangpow! We should see some photos and press from next week's Toy Fair in New York, BBP will be debuting their hotly anticipated Dr. Who line along with Twilight Zone figures and Wave 2 of Lost. Please get your pre-orders in now, the March 1st deadline is fast approaching.

The Jeep is a simple custom job, much easier than the Dharma Van. This is a Mego Action Jackson Safari Jeep with a blue spraypaint job and some printed stickers. Visit our Tumblr page, Lost Mego Survivors for more pics, and sumbit your own!

And by the way, the CTVT water bottles? AWESOME. I know the label isn't authentic, but I think this design shows up better at a small size like this.

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