Monday, April 18, 2011

More new clothes for Hugo!


Update 4/18/11: Jessica sent me my new Hurley clothes with an added bonus. I had nixed the idea of doing the long jeans shorts Hurley usually wore on the Island because they'd look weird with his skinny legs sticky out. Jess wanted to try beefing up the calves and it turned out really cool. Here's what she says: " I just added Apoxie, a two-part air dry epoxy medium on his legs, avoiding the joints and moving parts. Just made sure both legs were even and natural-looking. Once cured (takes about 2 hours or so to cure), I sanded smooth and then painted."

I photographed him in front of the new playset artwork for the Swan station. 

4/8/11: Mego seamstress extraordinaire Jessica stopped by to show me the latest Hurley duds and they are really as spectacular as jeans, a t-shirt, and a button down can be. Getting a nice short sleeved button down shirt to wear over the t-shirt was a big goal--it's closer to what the character wore in the show and the collar really helps the long hair look better. Jess baked little clay buttons for the shirt and used an old toddler shirt for it's small scale pattern. Brilliant. The jeans are AMAZING. Check out the thread at the Mego Museum to see more detail on those. The pockets, the belt loops, are all too good. They will be hidden under the t-shirt, but it's so cool they are there. I've placed my order, if you are interested in having something made contact me at, I'll put you in touch with her..


  1. Super rad duds, dude. The shoes are great too, are they custom or something borrowed?

  2. The shoes are CTVT tennies--leftovers from the Brady Bunch--they have them on their site.

  3. He looks MUCH better in this outfit. Did you (or Jessica) modify his chest pillow at all, or is it just the costume that fixes him?

  4. It's just the costume. The pillow is actually kind of brilliant, it's just the shirt he comes with his too short. Add some baggier pants and it's a good illusion.