Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Prop Department

Lost is so fantastic for making custom Mego accessories... A favorite aspect of the show are the literary connections, books featured prominently often reflect on themes the show explored. There were many Lost Book clubs that formed during the run. I can't say I've read too many of these books, but I enjoyed tracking down images of the editions used by researching Lostpedia and The Lost Encylopedia, then heading over to Amazon or eBay to find the copy used in the show.

UPDATE: Here's a link to my Prop Labels PDF so you can print your own on sticker paper. And here's a link to the Flash/Green Lantern Comic book that Hurley carries and the Walkabout Brochure.

I made the books by cutting them out of a pad of blank notepaper, taking advantage of the notepad's own binding, the printing the covers on sticker paper and wrapping them around the pages. So the are perfectly to scale and have a great authentic feel to them. I look forward to making more and I can't wait to show you the record collection for the Swan Station.

My friend Bonnie sent me scans of Hurley's Flash/Green Lantern comic book to print out. It's not the Spanish language version they had on the Island, but at this scale it doesn't matter to me. I didn't try to do all the pages, just the most important ones. It's just two pieces of paper printed on both sides and folded over. 8 pages. She also sent the Walkabout brochure that was included with the McFarlane Locke figure. A nice addition to Mr. Locke's knife case. Then I made a sticker for Hurley's MP3 round player. I happened to have a chromed disc in a junk box that was perfect, I also think a good button would do also the trick. Still working on headphones, I'm making them rather than searching fro Barbies, but I bet she's got em. Finally, the water bottles from CTVT are just wonderful, I made labels for Oceanic and Ajira. My Oceanic bottle is not authentic to the show, but I think it makes a better toy prop. The white label with a big logo and a blue bottle cap is more fun than the light blue/white cap bottle of the real prop.

Thank goodness for the Lost prop auction--as a result we have such highly detailed pictures of all the important props and costumes. It's a pleasure to research and create Mego scaled props for these awesome figures from BifBangPow!

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  1. All of your props look great! I think I need more practice in small scale. My efforts just a little short of mark....may need your help in resolving torch issue. Ideas?