Thursday, April 14, 2011

Lost Wave2 Card Art Preview from BifBangPow!

A nice bonus in my in-box today! BifBangPow sent us an exclusive look at the new card art for Lost Wave 2. The background art is the same as used on Wave 1 with the addition of the "Freighter Folk" card for Miles and Claire's "The Caves" background. The back of the card is new showing the full lineup of figures. The packaging uses the catalog prototype pictures they've been using at Entertainment Earth for some time.  The biggest surprise here is the confirmation of something I'd suspected after seeing the Jack costume up close: It's not his suit from the Pilot, it's the suit he wore on the Ajira return flight--it's "Oceanic Six" Jack. 

Each card will have a sticker denoting it's number in the 1,000 produced. I've already asked if I can have the 23/1000 Jack, 15/1000 Sayer and 16/1000 Sayid, but no such luck. Some lucky collector will get those.  Pay attention to the numbers!!

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  1. GAH! I LOVE IT! Miles' is the best! I am so glad these are being made.