Sunday, November 28, 2010

Requisitioning a Dharma Jumpsuit

If you are interested in making some Dharma folk for yourself, you'll need some jumpsuits. Where to get them?
There are a few possibilities on the market: Mego's Action Jackson Air Force outfit has a grey jumpsuit that will do in a pinch and could be dyed tan. AJ's standard dark blue jumpsuit will be a fine Dharma motor pool jumper. The recent Mattell Retro Action Ghostbusters line is a nice option but possibly pricier.

You can make your own suit, but sewing doll clothes isn't everyone's cup of tea (if you are interested let me know I can put up a pattern).

If you are looking for an easy jumpsuit that's the perfect color and has all the pockets in the right place, I recommend you get in touch with the Mego Museum's resident seamstress, the talented Theressa. She whipped up a set of super jumpsuits for me at a really great price and can do the same for you.

Check out these rave reviews and samples of her work. If you want to place an order, you can get in touch with me here (

Then just print out the DI Logo of your choice, some army boots, maybe a rifle, and you're all set.

For this guy above I used a Mego Peter Burke from Planet of the Apes. He's one of your more handsome 70s dudes. He hasn't been reproduced, but he and his buddy Alan Verdon (who looks very Dharma AND very Others to me) are pretty common to find on eBay or at the Mego Museum marketplace.

The other go-to seventies stud is Mego's Sir Galahad/Will Scarlett who has been duplicated by both CTVT and Doctor Mego. The Mego Planet of the Apes Astronaut is a great 70s guy, he was reproed by CTVT but came out a litle on the small side. I'll have more head suggestions later.

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