Monday, July 19, 2010

Oceanic Airlines: Roomy Seating and Comfortable Headroom

Updating my tests on building airline seats and solving the scale problem on the Barbie plane playset...I'm building a platform floor to raise the seats so the headroom isn't so extreme. Then it has an "aisle" that slides out like a drawer so when the set is open you have an aisle to walk down that you can slide away when the set is closed. I think it's a pretty nifty solution.

The seats I am making myself with a jigsaw and PVC board (I have a ton of scrap left over from all those Stately Caverns ledges...) The cushions are craft foam, I think it's a beautiful solution to making seats...I got quotes to do it lasercut, which would be nicer and with more detail, but it's just too expensive and I don't want to spend a ton on this one. Since I have no plans to make multiples of this I don't need to worry about mass producing seats. I may make a sticker to go on the outside of the chair so it has some more details, but this pretty much works for me. I have to make 12 plus a pilot's chair....

Still some adjusting to do: The headrest is too high and the platform is a bit too tall, I need it to be in line with the door. Like a dork, I built this before I removed the Barbie seats and kitchen so my measurements were totally brainless.

Still need to work out how to do the baggage compartment--the doors may be printed and won't actually work, but maybe that sucks, I don't know--I do kind of want to have oxygen masks to drop down in crash mode...

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