Thursday, February 3, 2011

Welcome to the Island! Help Us Save Lost Megos

I'm so grateful to the Jay and Jack Podcast for recording an interview with me about the BifBangPow Lost figures. After years as a listener I emailed Jay last summer on a hunch that he was a Mego sympathizer, and he couldn't have been nicer. We chatted at Comic-Con and he was eager to do a segment on the figures to help promote them. (read all about it here) I really enjoyed it and I hope it brings some new fans to the Island of Lost Megos so we can keep this great line of toys going.

But then to my surprise the gang at After Lost read my email on their latest show and had a great discussion about the blog, the figures, and even the Mego Museum. I have really enjoyed their podcast for it's depth and professionalism and all the good suggestions for coping with life After Lost. I had to laugh, I hadn't ever thought to post a spoiler warning on this blog! Thanks, guys.

I'm also really enjoying the #Lost community on Twitter. We've got a small but vocal group determined to #SaveLostMegos!

I tells ya, all we need is one good tweet from Darlton and this thing is in the bag!

Keep reading below to find out the latest info on Wave 2 of Lost and what you can do to help get them made!

Jacob with custom-made loom by Andalone


  1. Lost meets Mego what a wonderful thing! Just heard you on the Jay and Jack podcast. Great interview. I have many fond memories of my Star Trek and Planet of the Ape Mego figures from the seventies. A couple of years ago I was part of a wedding party where the groom gave each of us one of the new ST figures. I finally got the Bones I wanted when I was 7!

  2. Scot, thanks so much! Welcome BACK to the world of Megos!