Monday, January 31, 2011

Save Wave 2! #SaveLostMegos!

I got to speak with Jason Labowitz, co-owner of BifBangPow yesterday to get the latest news on the status of the Lost action figures.

The Good News: Sales of Wave 1 have been better than they expected. They will eventually sell out and will not be discounted, so act now on Locke/Hugo and Kate/Ben.

The Bad News: Wave 2 is still in danger of being cancelled. BBP says that if they don't get enough pre-sales by March 1 they won't be able to start production on Wave 2 in time for a July delivery. Their Lost merchandising license expires in July and they can't run the risk of not being able to sell what they make, they need to be confident that the sales will be there.

I almost never do pre-orders---most of us don't---but this is a special circumstance. This line has had it's share of delays and set-backs that has pushed it to this point. It's up to us Lost Mego fans to make our intentions known. If you think you want these figures now is the time to say so.

Place a pre-order, your credit card won't be charged until the figures ship so you have nothing to lose.

This seems to be about timing more than anything else. If Wave 1 is doing well this next one should do even better. The characters are almost all winners, there's no odd costume choices in the bunch, and the likenesses are even stronger. For all of Kate's flaws you can't tell me Juliet doesn't look great. I think the Jack is very strong, as is Sayid. Sawyer and Miles are going to be fine and while Claire is the weak link she may surprise us and the Crazy Claire customs will be a blast to put together. C'mon people! Let's get this plane in the air!


  1. I am doing my best to spread the word and boost sales. Tweet Tweet

  2. You rock, my friend! This just came up. I can't disagree with some of their observations at all. Here's hoping we can overcome the obstacles.

    By the way, I'll happily take "laser-focused". Lol

  3. I gotta say, everybody at OAFE are being douche's about the LOST figures. Their bad publicity about the figures sure aren't helping matters.

  4. Meh, the article makes some fair points. The naysayers are going to say what they say, and all I can do is show up and make my case.

    You should see the thread at Lostpedia. Jeeeeeeminey, those are haters.

  5. Really? Cause i posted there a little while ago about them and i had a bunch of people who said they were pretty awesome. Some people were saying that they reminded them of their old G.I.Joes, and that they would pick them up.